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Neon, mirror, acrylic glass, motion detector
Typ obiektu
Sztuka użytkowa
65x50x18 CM
(25.59x19.69x7.09 IN)
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This work is part of a series called “Three Years on a Stone” which is inspired by a Japanese motto introduced to me when I was living in Tokyo. The expression has a lot of meaning to me because it represents the focus and commitment one needs to accomplish something significant and valuable. The series is a continuous study of the same portrait. The first piece of a series is a simple linear drawing. The second is a single piece wire sculpture. Finally, the third piece is a purple light neon surrounded by infinity mirrors. The piece interacts with the viewer via the motion detector, which allows the audience to first look at their reflection in the mirror before seeing the purple light portrait and its infinite reflection. "Three Years on a Stone" is entirely made in Japan.