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121.92x243.84x0 CM
(48x96x0 IN)
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Diptyque inspired by paintings of Japanese artist Hokusai. Painting should be looked at from the right to the left. The first part of the diptique is an abstract composition of colors and wrinkled stripy surface. The color stains follow the path of the stripes which gives the painting strong but harmonious feel. As you turn your sight to the bigger part of the diptique you can immediately see that the colors are merging to the second canvas but they are no longer in dynamics of the stripes. Now they are falling out of the rhythm guided by the white and blue stripes at the same time creating simpler and relative shape. The stripy surface is now coming together as a large wave falling in the direction of iconic Mt Fuji framed by the setting sun. The sun as well as the edges of the painting are entirely covered in metal gold rose leaf.